We offer a full suite of aerial and production services that capitalize on our wealth of industry expertise and state-of-the-art aviation and camera technology. Whether a project requires an aircraft or a drone, we can coordinate the exact camera movements with the Aerial DP or Director to achieve a client’s needs in a budget conscious manner.


Aerial Services

  • New, production-ready helicopters (AStars)
  • On-camera helicopters - VIP, Police, Military
  • Historic warbirds - WWII, Korean, Vietnam-era
  • Fighter jet for high speed cinematography
  • Experienced motion picture pilots - SAG, MPPA
  • Gyro-stabilized aerial camera systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)
  • FAA approved motion picture safety manual
  • Worldwide network of aircraft, pilots and DPs
  • SpecOps: high altitude, fast rope, air-to-air

Production Services

  • Budget-conscious solutions
  • Production coordination and permitting
  • Location scouting and planning
  • Travel coordination and logistics
  • VIP Bus with integrated video village
  • On-Set BTS film crews
  • Post-production editing facilities
  • Aerial stock footage inventory and licensing
  • Production and liability insurance
  • Crew and payroll services


Aircraft + Drones

Pursuit Aviation can provide a wide range of aerial platforms for nearly any situation. Ranging from vintage warbirds, to the versatile AStar helicopter, to a camera-equipped fighter jet, to our drone division, we offer one of the most diverse portfolios of aircraft available.

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Shotovers + Cameras

Whether it is a high-speed aerial pursuit or a panorama of a pristine beach, Pursuit Aviation has the gear to catch the perfect shot for any project. Our in-house inventory of aerial camera systems, cinema cameras and high-quality lenses means that we can offer the perfect combination for any production.

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Lenses + Accessories

Our high-end cinema lenses and accessories will provide even the most discerning production with a complete solution for their needs. Ranging from super wide-angle to telephoto, our lenses can capture the content needed to satisfy the Director’s vision. We’re even able to provide live playback from the air with our air-to-ground downlink transmitter in the comfort of our Mobile Video Village.

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