Here’s an example of the crazy lengths NASA goes to land safely on Mars

Oct 07, 2019

If all goes well, the Mars 2020 mission will launch toward the Red Planet next July. Then, after a six-month cruise to Mars, a lander carrying a 1-ton rover will detach from the spacecraft and attempt to make a soft landing in an ancient lake bed named Jezero Crater.

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Pursuit Aviation expands global footprint with opening of new office in UK

Sep 05, 2019

Pursuit Aviation, a leading global aerial cinematography company for movies, television, commercials and the company behind the development of JETCAM™ and Whiskey Wheels, announced today a global expansion with partner XM2, beginning with a new office at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, UK.

Situated at one of the most iconic studios synonymous with some of the big and small screen’s most enduring productions, Pursuit Aviation/XM2’s newest location is just eight miles from Heathrow…

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Pursuit Aviation develops innovative Hammerhead system for Sony VENICE cameras

Aug 26, 2019

Pursuit Aviation, a leading global aerial cinematography company for movies, television and commercials, today announced that it has launched a new integration for the  SHOTOVER 3-camera array system, known as Hammerhead. This groundbreaking new setup delivers unmatched flexibility and resolution in low-light settings when shooting aerial cinematic scenes. Developed specifically for…

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Filming a car commercial with a custom C-130 Hercules

Jul 12, 2019

When Hyundai planned to make a commercial to announce their all-new Venue SUV, they had a major production in mind.

A flying, custom-painted C-130 Hercules, high-speed air-to-air filming, and precise, low-altitude passes were just a few of the moving parts that Pursuit Aviation needed to coordinate when filming this project in May. Luckily, our JETCAM…

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Pursuit supports NASA in preparations for groundbreaking Mars 2020 mission

Jun 18, 2019

NASA has launched dozens of missions to explore the Red Planet over the years, but the upcoming Mars 2020 Rover will be unlike any planetary explorer that has gone before it.

The new rover, which is scheduled to take off between July and August 2020 and land on Feb. 18, 2021, will feature groundbreaking Terrain-Relative Navigation (TRN) that allows the landing craft to make real-time adjustments as it descends to the Martian surface. Recently, Pursuit Aviation supported NASA’s

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Pursuit Aviation, XM2 develop groundbreaking Whiskey Wheels system

May 28, 2019

Pursuit Aviation, a leading global aerial cinematography company for movies, television and commercials, today announced that it has created Whiskey Wheels, a first-of-its-kind setup inside a helicopter that delivers an entirely new way of shooting aerial scenes. Developed in collaboration with industry stalwart XM2 and its labs department, this new system provides new options for…

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Pursuit Aviation's JETCAM blows away aerial cinematography leaders

May 17, 2019

Pursuit Aviation publically unveiled the groundbreaking JETCAM platform earlier this year, and since that time it has been stunning some of the biggest names in the aerial cinematography business.

In April, Pursuit Aviation hosted several industry leaders for test flights at the Van Nuys facility, and they all came away…

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Pursuit Aviation returning to Mint 400 off-road race for 2019

Feb 15, 2019

The live R/F helicopter downlink that debuted in 2018 will return again this year, piloted once again by John Tamburro of Pursuit Aviation. The system will feature a Cineflex RED MONSTRO 8K system operated by world-renowned cameraman Dave Arnold, capable of transmitting an incredible twenty-three miles. The Mint 400 broadcast team executed an extensive amount of R&D in the off-season to test ways to incorporate multiple remote cameras throughout the course during the broadcast and overcome…

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Race to break a world speed record chronicled in Great Big Story documentary

Jan 25, 2019

In August and September of 2017 a team of aviators, engineers and mechanics made their way to a private airport at a ranch in the Idaho mountains. This remote airstrip provided the ideal setting to challenge a world speed record that had stood for 30 years. Great Big Story was also on site to document this incredible attempt and their footage, combined with the aerial scenes captured…

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Pursuit Aviation achieves breakthrough in aerial cinematography with JETCAM

Jan 23, 2019

VAN NUYS, CA, January 23, 2019 – Pursuit Aviation, a leading global aerial cinematography company for movies, television and commercials, has taken innovation within the industry to a new level with JETCAM. The company is the first to mount a SHOTOVER camera system on an aerobatic jet aircraft to capture stabilized images shot traveling at speeds of more than 400…

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